Ron Hextall's undoing: the moment he enraged Sidney Crosby.

Ron Hextall's undoing: the moment he enraged Sidney Crosby.

The former general manager of the Penguins made a huge mistake when he angered the face of the franchise.

Jonathan Larivee

Not only can you make the argument that Ron Hextall's tenures as a general manager in the National Hockey League have been less than successful, but he also appears to leave a great deal of negativity behind in his wake.

Hextall was heavily criticized following his departure from the Philadelphia Flyers, and the same appears to be true this time around with the Penguins as more and more negative stories begin to leak out about the controversial general manager.

Recently Penguins insider Josh Yohe exposed what may very well have been Hextall's ultimate undoing when he brought to light a series of incidents that left players on the Penguins roster 'enraged,' most notably among them the team's captain in Sidney Crosby. According to Yohe, Hextall would waive NHL veteran Brock McGinn during a Penguins family trip which drew the ire of several players, a group that very likely included McGinn himself.

From Yohe:

Hextall later enraged players and coaches by putting Brock McGinn on waivers while McGinn was enjoying some family time on the team’s annual “dad’s trip” in Nashville.

As if that wasn't bad enough, Hextall would pull off a trade involved Teddy Bleuger during that very same family trip. This time though the player would learn of the news through social media while sitting at a dinner table with his teammates and their fathers, a move that would cause both Blueger and his father to leave the dinner abruptly.

The lack of consideration shown for the players on his roster may have been Hextall's ultimate undoing with Crosby reportedly leaving the dinner as well to console both Blueger and his father, only to later return to the dinner where he would remain relatively quiet

Crosby was reported as having expressed his displeasure at how things were handled and perhaps more importantly at how poorly it reflected on the organization.

"That’s not how we do things in Pittsburgh," said Crosby as per Yohe.

Hextall's callous decisions may have been done in the hopes of giving his team the best chance to win, but in the end they may have proved to be his ultimate undoing.