Ron MacLean roasted over awkward interview on Saturday night.

Ron MacLean roasted over awkward interview on Saturday night.

An awkward moment from Ron MacLean on Saturday brought out some harsh criticism from social media.

Jonathan Larivee

Ever since the departure of former National Hockey League analyst Don Cherry from Hockey Night in Canada, there has been a drastic change in perception when it comes to his co-host Ron MacLean.

Since Cherry's departure, MacLean has often become the target of criticism from fans on social media and on Saturday he once again found himself in the crosshairs of those angry fans after an awkward interview with Toronto Maple Leafs forward Bobby McMann.

While interviewing McMann on the broadcast, MacLean randomly went off on a tangent about Glen Sather's mother and her dress shop in the city of Wainwright.

"You're too young, you can't know this Bobby but Glen Sather's mom had a shop in Wainwright it was a dress..." MacLean trailed off.

The question left everyone on the broadcast seemingly confused as no one jumped in to save MacLean who was clearly drowning live on air, but perhaps none were more confused than McMann himself who just looked dumbfounded by the question.

"No... no I don't know that history," said an obviously confused McMann.

First let's take a look at the segment in question:

Fans were quick to react negatively to the segment, with some going in hard on MacLean.

Many fans even called for MacLean to be replaced:

It definitely wasn't Ron MacLean's finest moment on Hockey Night in Canada, and one that is likely to embolden a seemingly ever growing group of critics when it comes to his on-air performance.