Rookie forward re-injured after playing just 3 games all season.

Unfortunate streak of bad luck may cost him most if not all of the season.

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Vancouver Canucks rookie Anton Rodin waited a long time to finally get his shot in the National Hockey League, and he has been cursed ever since.

After playing only three games the entire season due to a nagging knee injury, the Canucks announced on Tuesday that Rodin had re-injured himself and as a result would be out of the lineup indefinitely. 

Rodin has been unable to recover strength in his knee and team medical staff has now advised him to take a period of rest before resuming rehab, there's also been talk of a meeting with an orthopedic specialist this week and one has to wonder if surgery is being considered.

It's a tough break for Rodin and it may be a long time before he can get himself back at the level he showed this season.