Roussel disgraces himself by pulling opponents hair after fight.


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Antoine Roussel is known for being pesky in his style of play, but he may have gone a tad bit far yesterday.

During Saturday night's matchup between the Dallas Stars and San Jose Sharks, the Stars' super-pest did something you don't often see after a fight with Sharks' forward Tommy Wingels.

After a brief bout between the two men, in which Roussel threw a decent right hand, Roussel grabbed a handful of Wingels' hair.

There is a precedent to hair-pulling in the NHL, as Craig Adams was suspended for grabbing Scott Hartnell's hair in 2012. Hartnell's locks were quite a bit longer than Wingels's is, but it seems that a suspension is unlikely for this hairy situation.

You can watch the incident unfold below:

Images Courtesy of Keystone Press