Rumblings of a major trade between Oilers and Penguins.

NHL insider shares his belief that a major trade may transpire between the Edmonton Oilers and Pittsburgh Penguins.

Jonathan Larrivee
Jonathan Larrivee
Published 2 months ago
Rumblings of a major trade between Oilers and Penguins.
James Guillory/USA TODAY Sports

The Edmonton Oilers may have their sights set on one man ahead of the National Hockey League's trade deadline.

According to comments made by NHL insider Elliotte Friedman, it would appear as though Oilers general manager Ken Holland is determined to acquire Pittsburgh Penguins veteran forward Jake Guentzel ahead of the trade deadline.

"I think they're going for a forward," revealed Friedman on the 32 Thoughts Podcast. "I really do believe that, if Guentzel is available, my opinion is that's their guy. That's the guy they would like to get, that's my opinion, but that's the guy."

Friedman also indicated that he believes the Oilers' recent loss to the Vegas Golden Knights, a loss that ended the Oilers' 16 game winning streak and denied them a piece of an NHL record, has only amplified the Oilers' desire to go out and acquire Guentzel from the Penguins.

"Watching that game the other night, I think the Oilers look at it like 'If we're going to beat these guys in a 7 game series we have to be a 4 line team'" added Friedman.

It sounds like the Oilers are prepared to go all in in order to make this deal happen as well, with Friedman indicating that the organization's two most valuable trade assets could be in play here.

"I think they've got two pieces they are looking at," said Friedman. "Their first rounder and Broberg."

This could have the makings of a truly gigantic trade, especially when you consider the fact that salary retention or a salary dump of some kind would have to be involved to make this deal happen.