Rumblings of major trade between Bruins and Oilers involving star winger  

Rumblings of major trade between Bruins and Oilers involving star winger

Do you pull the trigger?



The Boston Bruins are standing pat for now with no moves made ahead of the March 8 trade deadline.


Rumours have emerged that the Bruins were in the mix to acquire Elias Lindholm or Sean Monahan, but they both ended up getting moved to the Vancouver Canucks and Winnipeg Jets respectively.

And so, speculations keep coming but this time, it involves one of the Bruins’ own possibly being shipped out of Boston.

According to Jimmy Murphy of Boston Hockey Now and his source, the Bruins could consider moving winger Jake DeBrusk to the Edmonton Oilers as the Canadian team has been seeking a postseason rental forward.

“Does he wind up back west as a playoff rental for a contender out there – we’ve all heard the Oilers rumors – or does he become a playoff rental for the Bruins,” one NHL source asked Boston Hockey Now recently. “It sure doesn’t seem like he’s signing an extension – if he signs one – before the season’s over.”

DeBrusk is a pending unrestricted free agent, and there hasn’t been any reports on a contract extension with Boston. The idea of shipping him to Edmonton certainly makes sense, not only because the Oilers are actively shopping for a boost up front, but also because DeBrusk is an Edmonton native whose father, former NHLer Louie DeBrusk, works as a TV analyst for the Oilers.

I can see how DeBrusk would fit into the Oilers’ top six immediately as he would be deadly alongside players like Connor McDavid or Leon Draisaitl. The Oilers are said to be seeking a winger to boost Draisaitl and unfortunately for Warren Foegele, he just can fulfill that void.

The Bruins could gain a lot from a trade with Edmonton even if DeBrusk’s production has decreased this season. Boston have no picks in the first three rounds of the upcoming draft and a trade with Edmonton could allow them to gain some flexibility. Oilers defenseman Brett Kulak has also been named as a possible trade bait and could provided the Bruins with further defensive depth. If Foegele could get tossed in a package and would be great added depth to the Bruins’ offense.

There could be something to these rumblings of a trade between the Bruins and Oilers involving DeBrusk, especially if Boston sees the chance at acquiring draft capital from Edmonton.

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