Rumblings that Barry Trotz is headed back to the NHL

It's going down!

Published 1 year ago
Rumblings that Barry Trotz is headed back to the NHL
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Come on down, Barry Trotz!

The former Nashville Predators, Washington Capitals and New York Islanders head coach is the talk of social media today after a very revealing interview on the Cam & Strick Podcast.

In a wide ranging interview with NHL reporter Andy Strickland Trotz admitted that he's been eyeing a return to the NHL and that he could be ready for employment as early as December. Trotz, for those who don't know, elected to not sign with any teams this past offseason following his dismissal from the Islanders because he's helping his elderly father transition into a new home. Trotz' mother, his father's partner for 50+ years, passed away in 2022 and his father is having a tough time transitioning. With Trotz recently unemployed and with a $4 million check still coming from the Islanders, you can't blame the guy for sticking close to home. 

Having said all that, Trotz is getting the itch to get back behind the bench

"I think No. 1 is, I'm not quite there," Trotz said on the Cam and Strick Podcast on Tuesday. "I think probably to get everything settled, I'm going to be into early December before I feel comfortable (that) I've got the family stuff in control and after that I'm probably going to have to take a little break, a week or two, to maybe go somewhere warm in the winter and then after that ..."

Incidentally, NHL insider Kevin Weekes reports that Trotz, along with TNT broadcaster Rick Tocchet, are two coaches to keep an eye on right now.

Check it out:

So... where do we think Trotz ends up?

The obvious answer is the Vancouver Canucks who are in absolute free-fall mode, but it sounds like Trotz isn't too interested in coaching north of the border.

"I don't know if any coach that takes a job in Canada ever wants to deal with it," he said in his interview. "Original Six, for me, I have never coached an Original Six team. That would intrigue me ... those teams always intrigue you. But the Canadian teams -- you're under the microscope. You sort of are in New York, too.

"I think it takes a special coach, special player, to play in Canada because there's a different pressure."

How about the New Jersey Devils? Lindy Ruff certainly looks like he'll be out of a job shortly and Trotz has a familiarity with the team and the area given his time with the Isles. 

Stay tuned.