Rumor: Another team is 'going hard after' Jonathan Drouin.

They may be the frontrunners.

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Mike Russo, arguably the number one guy when it comes to breaking Minnesota Wild related news, has dropped a bombshell on his podcast.

According to Russo the Minnesota Wild are making a big push to acquire the services of disgruntled Tampa Bay Lightning forward Jonathan Drouin.

"The Wild are hard after him," said Russo during his most recent podcast.

The aggresive push from general manager Chuck Fletcher is a reaction to a failed trade, one where, according to Russo, the Wild would have brought, and in fact believed they would be bringing in a star forward.

"The Wild thought that they were gonna get Ryan Johansen."

This is by no means a done deal, Russo listed off a large number of teams that are in on this deal, including teams in the East like the Canadiens and Rangers who were previously thought to be out of the running. Furthermore the trade would come at a heavy price for the franchise, according to Russo the player the Lightning would want in return is defenseman Matt Dumba.

"The thing is to get Drouin it would probably cost Matt Dumba, that is what I'm being told"

According to Russo, the Wild have either already agreed to trade Dumba, or they are at the very least seriously considering it.

"If they haven't already agreed to that being the price, they are definitely considering it"