Rumor: At least 3 teams now linked to Pittsburgh's Matt Murray.

Several teams being linked to Murray.

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It now seems like a forgone conclusion that veteran goaltender Matt Murray, currently of the Pittsburgh Penguins, will end up traded at some point during this offseason. The Penguins have a choice to make in net between Murray and backup goaltender Tristan Jarry and based on everything we have been hearing over the last few weeks it sounds very much like Murray will be the man to go, at least if the Penguins get their way.

The question that has stemmed from this of course has been to wonder where Murray will end up if he does get traded, and there have been some teams linked to the two time Stanley Cup Champion. The biggest rumor we've heard thus far has been one that would see Murray joining the Toronto Maple Leafs, a move that does make some sense given his history with Maple Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas but one that also seems unrealistic given the Leafs cap situation, however we can now add two more teams definitively into that mix.

On Sunday Ottawa Senators insider Bruce Garrioch provided an update on the ongoing Murray situation and it was during that update that he revealed that the Ottawa Senators themselves had expressed interest in the veteran goalie. The Senators have made it clear that long time goaltender Craig Andersson will not be back with the team next season and Garrioch cites concerns about the health of Anders Nilsson as one of the reasons that the Senators would be targeting Murray, that and his wealth of championship experience. Interestingly enough though Garrioch threw another team into the mix that I don't think anyone had on the radar up until today.

Garrioch also revealed on Sunday that one of the teams that could land Matt Murray are the Chicago Blackhawks, this in spite of the fact that they have established netminder Corey Crawford in net. Like the Senators however there is good reason to suspect that the Blackhawks have some concerns regarding the long-term health of their current goaltender, so I actually don't think this is as crazy of an idea as it seems at first glance. Garrioch added that he has been "led to believe [the Blackhawks] have expressed some interest," in Murray.

Do you see any of these teams pulling the trigger on a trade for Murray? Where do you see him ending up.