Rumor : Bruins already have 2 potential substitutes for Julien's job

The noose is more thight than you think around Julien.

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There's a few top insiders that always get more attention than other when they tweet. Darren Dregger is one of them. Everytime he talks, the hockey planet listen. We've wrote many articles lately about Julien's precarious situation on being (or not) the solution to the Boston Bruins struggles. Head coach as always been and will always be an ungrateful jobs especially in a situation where the management doesn't seems to give you the right elements to win.

When asked about how tight the noose was around Julien, Dregger responded ; "very to say his days are numbered"

Moreover, later on another reporter tweeted that according to many sources the Boston Bruins has already thought of replacing him by either Bruce Cassidy or Cam Neely.

What do you guys think? Good or bad move from the Bruins management team?