Rumor: Canadiens have offered Marc Bergevin a “lucrative” contract.

A long term deal for the Habs GM.


There have been a great many questions around the future of Montreal Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin throughout the course of this season and it would appear that some of those questions, or perhaps even most of them, will soon be answered.

Bergevin has been working with an expiring contract this season but it now appears as though the Canadiens intend to keep him within the fold for the foreseeable future with reports of a "lucrative" offer now being on the table. That report comes from Montreal Canadiens insider Eric Engels who, late on Saturday night, reported that Montreal Canadiens owner Geoff Molson has offer Bergevin a 3 year deal that will pay him an undisclosed amount moving forward. Engels cited his sources on the matter and made it clear that the offer carries significant value as well as the 3 year term, however he did not go into specific when it comes to numbers on the financial side of the equation.

Bergevin has been something of a controversial figure during his tenure with the Canadiens with the first time general manager making moves that have left fans very happy, but while also making moves that have resulted in significant backlash from the fan base as well. 

Although most would now consider the Canadiens the clear winners in the P.K. Subban for Shea Weber trade, the reality is that at the time the deal was consummated the reaction from fans was largely a negative one. There is also the matter of the trade of defenseman Mikhail Sergachev to the Tampa Bay Lightning in exchange for French Canadian forward Jonathan Drouin, a move that now looks like an unmitigated disaster for the Canadiens given how valuable Sergachev has been to the Lightning and given the fact that Drouin is not even playing for the Canadiens while eating up a significant chunk of their cap space.

On the other hand trades in which he acquired players like Phillip Danault and Josh Anderson have been outstanding for the Canadiens and the signing of forward Tyler Toffoli prior to this season during the free agent period has also payed off in a big way for the Habs. I suspect given his mixed track record as GM there will be a mixed reaction to this announcement, although I would also suspect that given the Canadiens current run of success in the playoffs the Bergevin haters will be considerably more quiet than usual