Rumor: Corey Perry closing in on deal with Canadian team.

Rumor: Corey Perry closing in on deal with Canadian team.

Corey Perry is reportedly close to signing a new deal with a Canadian NHL franchise.

Jonathan Larivee

It sounds like Corey Perry will be back in the National Hockey League sooner rather than later.

NHL insider David Pagnotta of The Fourth Period is reporting that his sources have informed him that the veteran forward is closing in on a new deal with the Edmonton Oilers.

The deal makes a ton of sense for both sides as Perry is very much the type of player contending teams would have targeted at the NHL's upcoming trade deadline. In this case however the Oilers will get a veteran forward, likely on a relatively affordable contract, and won't have to give up any assets in order to do so.

Perry most recently played for the Chicago Blackhawks but his contract with that team was terminated under what remains relatively mysterious circumstances. Perry was reportedly involved in some type of incident with a team employee but the details of that incident have not been shared and may never make their way to the public.

Perry on the other hand gets to join a Stanley Cup contender in the middle of a record-setting win streak, which is likely exactly the kind of team he was hoping to be traded to at the deadline.

Update: Pagnotta is now reporting the deal is done.