Rumor: Dallas Stars attempting to trade for 2 players on the Canadiens roster.

Big things brewing between the Habs and Stars.

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It appears that something big may be brewing between the Montreal Canadiens and the Dallas Stars and it could mean very good thing for the Habs moving forward. 

Late last week after veteran Karl Alzner had cleared waivers The Fourth Period's David Pagnotta reported that four different National Hockey League organizations had reached out to the Montreal Canadiens and Habs general manager Marc Bergevin in an effort to inquire about a possible trade from the struggling defenseman. Pagnotta reported at the time that the Arizona Coyotes, Toronto Maple Leafs, New York Islanders and the Dallas Stars were those 4 teams and in the case of the Stars it seems that those discussions have proven to be productive.

On Sunday night the Canadiens welcomed the San Jose Sharks to the Bell Centre and there were two very interested observers from the Stars organization in attendance taking in the game. One of the Dallas Stars' pro scouts was on hand with assistant general manager Les Jackson to watch the Canadiens play, which may seem confusing when you consider that Alzner himself has been sent down to the American Hockey League to play with the Laval Rocket.

Well according to Pagnotta the Stars are reportedly also targetting a second player on the Canadiens roster, 31 year old David Schlemko. Now Schlemko is also a defenseman and it seems relatively unlikely that the Stars would attempt to acquire 2 depth defensemen from the Habs in a single move, but perhaps Azlner's price tag, his recent struggles, and the complications that come with trading a player at such a large cap hit with several years remaining on his current contract has shifted the focus to Schlemko over Alzner. I suppose it is possible that both players are still in play but the reality is we do not really know at this time. 

What we do know however is that it seems both the Stars and the Canadiens are interested in making a deal here, and for the Canadiens the opportunity to get out from under the contract of Alzner has to feel like a very exciting option indeed. The fact that he was placed on waivers alone is a tacit acknowledgement on the part of Marc Bergervin that the Alzner deal was a big mistake and I have no doubt he would love to find a trade that could help him erase that mistake.