RUMOR : Did the Pens crack Holtby's code for good?

Know thy enemy.

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The Capitals have been dominating the league outrageously this year. However, following a tough first round against the young and powerful Maple Leafs, it seems the Washington gang is now looking for answers against the Penguins. Down 2-0 in the second round, a little breeze of panic seems to present itself in the Caps locker room. 

It seems the reason for these losses may be the intelligence department in Pittsburgh. According to NHL Insider Elliotte Friedman, the Pens might have cracked the Holtby's code by targeting a very precise weakness. He was on Sportsnet 960 in Calgary this morning and provided these interesting quotes. 

''But it’s really interesting. I’m going to look at the video today, but I got a call this morning from someone, who is an executive with another team, and he told me that he thinks the Penguins see something on Holtby’s left side. And they think that the way he moves his glove or something like that – the Penguins have figured out either a tell or a weakness.

“I’m going to look for it today. I’ve got to work the pregame of that tonight, so I’m going to see if I can find something. But he said call around, see what you can find out. He thinks it’s too – he says from the outside you may not see it, but as somebody who works on a team he says it’s too coincidental for there not to be something there. That the Penguins have seen something with Holtby, whether it’s their goalie coach or Fleury said it or one of their players said it, that they see something on Holtby’s glove side that they feel they can exploit.''

Interesting! Of course, every team works very hard to find weaknesses in the opposing team's roster. Holtby had a stellar year and it seemed nothing he did was actually wrong. In the end, maybe the Penguins found the key to unlock the third part of their Stanley Cup run?