Rumor: Flyers and Travis Konecny close to a big new deal.

Konency closing in on a new deal.

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The Philadelphia Flyers appear to be on the verge of of concluding a very important piece of business. 

Although there has been no type of official word on any front, Philadelphia Flyers radio host for the National Hockey League Jason Myrtetus has just provided a very big update on the ongoing negotiations between Travis Konecny and the Flyers organization. Although Myrtetus did not reveal his source, he claims that he has reached out to someone "in the know" and according to that source it appears that the Flyers and Konecny are "getting very close" to coming to terms on a brand new contract.

Now given Myrtetus' ties to the organization I think it is safe to say that this is a pretty solid rumor, but the Flyers broadcast had much more to add to his report as well, including details about this new deal. Myrtetus believes that the new deal will be a "bridge deal" somewhere in the range of 2 - 3 years and that it will pay out an average annual value of $4.5 million per season to Konency. If this is indeed the contract that the two sides will agree upon this seems very much like a show-me type deal, one in which the Flyers will be happy to gamble on Konency if he can prove that he deserves a bigger payday in the coming years. 

Over the last 2 seasons the 22 year old forward has just missed a single game. In the 2017 - 2018 NHL regular season he recorded 24 goals and 23 assists for a total of 47 points and he followed that with an 82 game performance in this most recent season where he once again recorded 24 goals, this time adding 25 assists, for a total of 49 points on the season.

There are many who believe that Konecny still has another step to take at the National Hockey League level and this type of contract would seem to suggest that the Flyers also believe he is capable of this. If this deal does in fact get done then the only remaining restricted free agent on the board for the Flyers would be Philippe Myers.