Rumor: Flyers will trade Claude Giroux.

Rumor: Flyers will trade Claude Giroux.

NHL insider believes a deal will be made.

Jonathan Larivee

The Philadelphia Flyers are going through another tumultuous season and although that has sadly become something they've grown accustomed to over the past several seasons, there's a feeling in the air that this time things are going to be very different. This time around there are some huge names being put out there on the rumor mill, and this week one National Hockey League insider revealed that he expects a blockbuster trade from the Flyers this season.

NHL insider Elliotte Friedman was a recent guest on the Jeff Marek show and during his appearance the two men discussed the recent comments made by legendary Flyer Bobby Clarke, comments that pertained to the tenure of former Flyers general manager Ron Hextall. As they discussed what the fallout from those comments might be, Friedman was asked about what the future of Flyers captain Claude Giroux would look like, and it was there that Friedman dropped a bombshell.

Friedman indicated that he expects the Flyers are going to have internal dialogues and that some tough decisions will stem from those exchanges.

"They are gonna ask really hard questions about where they are going and what they are gonna do and I think Philly is gonna be really interesting to watch," said Friedman on the show.

His biggest statement however came on the topic of the aforementioned Giroux, a player that Friedman believes will not finish the season with the Flyers. That is a very bold statement when you consider the fact that Giroux has never played for another team during his 977 game NHL career.

"I think there will be a discussion if there hasn't been already. It is my personal opinion that he is traded and they ask him where he wants to go. Look the guy has earned his right to call his shot, he's earned the right to chase the cup if he wants to. He's been a great Flyer and he's done everything they could have ever asked him to do and he cares a lot."

Friedman did not give any indication of where Giroux may want to go, but as he suggests you have to believe that he will want to chase the Stanley Cup, a prize that has evaded him throughout his career so far. That Giroux is headed to a contender however seems to be a forgone conclusion in the eyes of arguably the best insider in the business.