Rumor: Gary Bettman's time in the NHL may be coming to an end.

Veteran reporter drops a bombshell.

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The National Hockey League's commissioner has long been one of the most controversial figures in the league, but it sounds like Gary Bettman may not be sticking around all that much longer, relatively speaking.

Hall-of-Fame hockey reporter Alan Strachan was fielding questions on social media this week when he was asked if Gary Bettman was on the hot seat. The questioner suggested the NHL's use of the Olympic Situation as a bargaining chip to extend the CBA could be a sign that owner's weren't thrilled with the current agreement. Strachan's answer however indicated that Bettman himself may be considering an end to his current role.

"I'm not sure he wants to stay on past this contract either way," said Strachan.

Despite being retired Strachan remains extremely connected in the hockey world, with close relationships to NHL executives as well as former players like Wayne Gretzky, so when he makes a pronouncement like this people tend to pay attention.

This is the first we have heard of any speculation regarding an end to Bettman's tenure as NHL commissioner, but 24 years is already a long-time, and it wouldn't be a shock if he genuinely desired to move on.