Rumor: Goalie may be injured after team calls up two different goaltenders.

Two call ups may be sign of an injury.

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The Ottawa Senators have just made a pair of moves that may indicate veteran goaltender Craig Anderson may have been injured during the Senators Friday night game, although that remains purely speculation.

On Friday net the Senators were playing the Devils and it frankly turned out to be a complete blowout for the Devils. The Devils would eventually go on to win by a margin of 5 - 2 after putting up 5 goals in the first 26 minutes of the game, absolutely lighting up the Senators and the aforementioned Anderson in the process. The good news coming out of the game was that the Senators had walked away from the big loss relatively unscathed, but there are now signs that there was in fact a Senators player injured during the contest. 

Suspicions first arose earlier today when Ottawa Senators insider Bruce Garrioch revealed that the Belleville Senators, the American Hockey League affiliate for the NHL Senators, had recalled goaltender Jake Paterson from the Brampton Beast. Garrioch openly wondered why the move had been made and although we still have heard no official confirmation of anything from the Senators, we now know that an additional move has also been made. 

According to a report from TSN's Steve Lloyd the Ottawa Senators have also themselves called up goaltender Marcus Hogberg from the American Hockey League's Belleville Senators, a move that would explain the motivation behind the decision to call up Paterson. The question now of course is why do the Senators feel like they need an additional goaltender at the National Hockey League level all of a sudden? 

Well during the game against the Devils' last night Craig Anderson was absolutely bulldozed by New Jersey Devils forward Miles Wood. Although at the time the impact looked significant it was quickly brushed off as nothing due to the fact that Anderson would remain in the game for a significant length of time. It's true that the Senators would go on to pull him out of the net later on in the contest but with the score so inflated in favor of the Devils' that once again failed to ring any alarm bells.

No official word yet on what's going on, but signs certainly point to the fact that Anderson may have been hurt.