Rumor: Huge trade brewing Habs and Oilers?

Insider Elliotte Friedman spins the beans on a potential blockbuster swap between the two struggling teams.

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To say that things haven’t gone as expected for the Montreal Canadiens and Edmonton Oilers lately is maybe the most obvious statement you can make about the 2017-18 NHL season so far. Many fans and analysts picked the two Canadian franchises to be powerhouse teams in their respective divisions, yet more than two weeks into the season, they’re both wallowing at the bottom of the league in 30th and 29th position.

So, with both squads looking for a jump star, could they hook up together on a swap? Sportsnet analyst and NHL insider Elliotte Friedman seems to think so. Specifically, Friedman singles out Canadiens captain Max Pacioretty as a good fit for the Oilers.

Woooooowwww. That would be a blockbuster deal. Pacioretty may be struggling to start the campaign, but the 28-year-old is a reliable 30+ goal scorer and 60+ point producer. If the Oilers could add that kind of firepower to their lineup, there’s no telling what it could do for their fortunes. 

For the Habs however, it’s unclear what they’d be searching for in return. They currently have the league’s most anemic offense, so there’s little change they’d look to move Pacioretty, unless it meant they received a huge bounty in return.