RUMOR: Insider reports an absolute INSANE trade that aborted at the deadline.

Monstrous traded aborted at the deadline: Would you do it?

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Insider Reports an Absolute INSANE Trade That Aborted at the Deadline

The Kevin Shattenkirk saga has been one of the most fascinating stories over the past two seasons and it got even better  when reports broke that Shattenkirk had blocked a big trade by rejecting a $42 million dollar extension. The New York Rangers were heavily rumored to be the team that made that offer although that remains unconfirmed.

Well, it appears the Shattenkirk saga is not over. Bob McKenzie, probably one of the most respected insiders around the NHL reported an Absolute INSANE trade that aborted at the deadline.

On his Bobcast (Episode 14), McKenzie said that the Tampa Bay Lightning and the St. Louis Blues had a deal that was Jonathan Drouin for Kevin Shattenkirk. Shattenkirk would have blocked the trade one more time.