Rumor: Jack Eichel doubtful to play this season even if he gets traded

A completely wasted season for the injured superstar? Adding literal insult to injury.


Former NHL goaltender Martin Biron, now a Buffalo Sabres analyst with the MSG Network, was on TSN1050 radio earlier today discussing the ongoing stalemate between the Sabres and superstar Jack Eichel when he dropped an absolute bombshell.

Biron reported that regardless of whether or not Eichel gets the trade that he's so desperately seeking, he likely won't lace up the skates during the 20201-22 NHL season. Like... for any team... not just the Sabres.

In other words, Eichel is likely to miss the entire 2021-22 NHL campaign due to his ongoing neck issue.

More from Biron:

"I really doubt, really, really doubt that regardless of the surgery that Jack Eichel would be getting that he is going to play hockey this year in this 2021-22 season, I don't think that's going to happen".

Wow... wow... WOW!

If that's the case then you can certainly understand why there's been no action on the Eichel trade front. After all, why would you trade for a guy who can't even play until next season? Especially if it means taking legitimate assets off of your playing roster to acquire him, which a trade for Eichel almost certainly would. After all, this isn't a simple swap of picks and prospects that we're talking about. The price to acquire Eichel has been set high by the Sabres and any team looking to acquire him would have to send a core piece of their team over in any offer. Then, they'd have to put Eichel on the shelf for at least a season while he undergoes surgery and hope that he recovers well. That's an awful lot of risk to take on and, frankly, I can understand now why there's been so little action on the Eichel trade front.

Interestingly enough, TSN's Darren Dreger reported earlier this week that the Sabres have finally made Eichel's medical reports available to teams looking to acquire him. If what Biron is stating is in fact true you can understand why the Sabres kept that information under lock and key. Is it professional and is it a good way to do business? Not necessarily, but with so much at stake for Sabres GM Kevyn Adams, I'm not shocked by it at all.