Rumor: Kevan Miller has suffered a setback in his recovery.

Bad news for the Bruins.

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It sounds like the Boston Bruins have gotten some bad news regarding the health and status of veteran defenseman Kevan Miller, although thus far it is too early to report it as official, so this is merely a rumor at this stage.

According to comments made by Boston Bruins insider Joe Haggerty on Monday, there is now a belief that Miller has suffered some kind of a setback in his recovery from a knee injury. Haggerty did not reveal where he was getting his information but when it comes to the Bruins he is an impeccable source of information. He did hint at the fact that he may be speculating here, but if Haggerty feels it is "clear" that Miller has had a setback of some kind then you can be sure he has. 

"Kevan Miller had a procedure done a couple of weeks ago to aid in his healing with the knee issues," wrote Haggerty before adding, "No update as to why he’s not on the ice right now, but it’s pretty clear he had a setback of some kind along the way."

It is pretty tough news for a Bruins team that has yet to see Miller hit the ice for even a single game this season, all of them missed due to this ongoing injury saga that now appears to have no clear end. Unfortunately given that seems to be a hunch more than anything on the part of Haggerty, we do not have much more information to share with you on Miller's injury status at this time.