Rumor: Kirby Dach leaves the ice early with a possible injury.

Hopefully something minor.


The Chicago Blackhawks have been given something of a scare in the early stages of their training camp.

On Saturday the Blackhawks took to the ice for a routine skate in preparation for their upcoming preseason games, the first of which will come Wednesday against the Detroit Red Wings. Things were running smoothly until Blackhawks forward Kirby Dach suddenly left the ice early with what could very well be an injury. To be clear there has been no official confirmation from the Blackhawks as of the time of this writing, but Charlie Roumeliotis of NBC Sports Chicago did report seeing Dach leaving the ice while favoring his right wrist.

You never want to hear that any player is "holding his right wrist" as he walks off the ice early, but that is especially true for young Kirby Dach. Dach has had problems with that very same wrist in the past which causes a red flag to go up immediately when it becomes a point of concern. Dach fractured that right wrist while playing for Team Canada last December but returned early from that injury to play with the Blackhawks. That early return may very well have cost him however, with Dach missing the final 3 games of the Blackhawks regular season after reaggravating that same wrist injury.

Given all that context, him leaving the ice today while favoring his wrist is certainly not a good sign for the Blackhawks or for their centerman.

Blackhawks insider Scott Powers reported that defenseman Alec Regula also left the ice early, although the reasons for his early departure are not yet known. When Blackhawks head coach Jeremy Colliton was asked about the status of his two missing players he was either unable or unwilling to provide an update at the time.

Stay tuned for more details.