Rumor: L.A. Kings search for a new coach “includes just 1 man.”

The Kings have their target.

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The Los Angeles Kings reportedly have narrowed down their coaching search, really narrowed it down in fact.

While there hasn't been any kind of official announcement regarding a new coach, or even any real rumors about the Kings interviewing available candidates for the coaching job, ESPN insider Pierre LeBrun appears to know in what direction they are headed.

According to LeBrun, the "Kings' coaching search for now includes just 1 man" and that man is former associate coach John Stevens.

Many have long-viewed Stevens as the heir apparent in Los Angeles, but considering that the Kings did some major house cleaning there were doubts that they would stay the course and select Stevens to take over behind the bench. Based on LeBrun's report however the Kings may be as confident as ever that Stevens is the man for the job.