Rumor: Lamoriello to be replaced as GM?

This would be a very interesting choice.

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In case you didn't know - Lou Lamoriello is on the final year of his contract as general manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs, and it's unclear as of yet if he will be signed to an extension or replaced at season's end.

Respected Leafs reporter Kevin McGran of The Toronto Star weighed in on the topic in his "Mailbag" segment. 

"The post-Lamoriello Leafs will need to keep that balance. Who would be the right guy? If it's from within, Hunter and Dubas are the obvious choices. But an outsider? My money would be on Ken Holland, whose contract also expires this season and goes back a long way with Babcock," McGran wagered.

With both Ken Holland and Lamoriello set to become "free agents" at the end of this season, and the connection with Babcock that McGran alludes to, it wouldn't be shocking to see this transpire.

That being said, Lou has done a formidable job at rebuilding this team quickly. He's proven that he could adapt to the modern game and build a competitive team, He hasn't made many bad decisions as GM, and has provided life and hope into a team and fanbase that has sorely missed it over the last several years.

McGran opines that it would not be a bad decision at all to extend Lamoriello's contract, but as of now, there's no word on whether or not the organization has discussed it internally.

Holland has won four Stanley Cups with the Detroit Red Wings - one as assistant general manager and the other three as general manager.

His track record speaks for itself. If the Leafs were to let Lamoriello go, how would you feel about Holland taking over the job?