Rumor: Las Vegas appears to have settled on a new name for it's franchise.

Unconfirmed reports that a decision has been made.

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While it's unconfirmed as of this moment, we are hearing initial reports that suggest the Las Vegas franchise that will join the National Hockey League in short order has finally made a decision regarding the name of it's franchise.

The long rumored favorite to win was the "Las Vegas Black Knights" due to owner Bill Foley's connection to Army, who has a long tradition of using the "Black Knights" name. In fact Foley is the chairman of Black Knight Financial. 

However there were some reports that many within the league were not thrilled at the prospect of the name, and it sounds like Foley may have settle for some middle ground, and will instead simply adopt the name "Knights."

TSN's Gord Miller has reported that he is "hearing" that the name will be the Knights, although we are still categorizing this as a rumor for the time being.