Rumor: Leafs and Kings linked in trade talks

Makes sense on paper, but will Dubas pull the trigger?

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In his weekend column for the Toronto Sun, Toronto Maple Leafs columnist Steve Simmons weighed in on the stagnant contract negotiations between Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas and unsigned restricted free agent William Nylander. The longer the standoff between Nylander and the Leafs goes on, the more likely Nylander is to be traded, according to Simmons. Where Nylander ends up is anyone’s guess, but Simmons seems to feel that the Los Angeles Kings could be a good trading partner for Dubas.

Why? The Kings are in desperate need of offence and would likely LOVE to land a player like Nylander… the sticking point, of course, is the asking price. So… in Simmons’ mind what’s the asking price for Nylander? Drew Doughty.

You read correctly. Norris Trophy winner, two time Stanley Cup champion and two time Olympic goal medalist Drew Doughty for… William Nylander…

Simmons goes on the expand on the hypothetical deal saying that the Leafs could package up pending unrestricted free agent Jake Gardiner along with Nylander in a package deal for Doughty. There’s just two problems:

  1. Why would the Kings ever do this?
  2. You’re an idiot, Steve Simmons.

Here's Simmons' take:

If you’re the Los Angeles Kings, and you’re slow and you’re lacking offence and youth and you desperately need change, aren’t you camping out and trying to work a deal for Nylander? And maybe Gardiner? Crazy as it sounds, and I’ve never been one of these talk-radio trade proposal guys, if I’m Kyle Dubas, I’m going to inquire about getting Drew Doughty to waive his no-trade clause and see if you get him in some kind of sign and trade for Nylander and Gardiner 

That sum things up? While Doughty may indeed be older and more expensive that Nylander and Gardiner, he’s locked in on a long term deal and holds a full no trade clause. Not to mention that he’s the face of the franchise in LA and he’s one of the best defensemen of the past decade. 

Keep dreaming, Steve-o.