Rumor: Leafs will have to give up one of their top forwards if they want to trade for defenseman.

A heavy price to pay if the Leafs want to improve their blue line.

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One of the more quietly persistent rumors as of late has been a rumor that the Toronto Maple Leafs are scouring the National Hockey League for a trade that will help them improve on the blue line, but there may be one factor keeping them from making a deal a reality, price.

Many believe that the Taylor Hall for Adam Larsson trade this summer set the market for defensive trades in the NHL and they may be right. In a recent article for ESPN, insider Pierre LeBrun revealed that one NHL executive feels the Leafs would have to give up one of their top forwards to make any such deal a reality.

"I think [William] Nylander is the player they're going to have to consider moving if they want that high-end D-man," a Western Conference team executive said as per ESPN.

William Nylander is a very popular player in Toronto, and with 9 goals and 21 assists through 44 games in his first full NHL season it's not hard to see why, so any trade involving him would likely be a tough sell in the Toronto market although a Top-4 defenseman would certainly be a welcome addition to the roster, especially if the Leafs are a playoff team.

Would you make the deal for a top four d-man? Should Leafs general manager Lou Lamoriello