Rumor : Leon Draisaitl to be moved tomorrow in massive trade?

This is wild as hell!

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Okay, this one is pretty insane but the source is as credible as it gets. According to Brian Lawton, the Oilers would be in process of trading Leon Draisaitl to the Colorado Avalanche in exchange of Matt Duchene. The weird trade would include the Sharks too, but it's still unclear how. 

This doesn't make a lot of sense to be honest, but Lawton is not the kind to throw stupid rumors around for the fun of it. The only way to make sense of this rumor would be through the salary cap logic. With McDavid set to explode the bank with his next contract, Draisaitl becomes the good player stuck under the cap. 

With his 77 points in 82 games and 16 in 13 playoff games, Leon is just evolving into a pure beast. Losing him to Duchene would be a huge gamble, but maybe some other parts are involved. 

Tomorrow is going to be crazy folks.