Rumor: Maple Leafs talking trade with three different teams.

Leafs talking to three different teams.

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There has been a widely held belief this offseason that the Toronto Maple Leafs have been hard at work as they look for a trade that would bring in a #1 type of defenseman.

The latest report on this front comes from Howard Berger of Between the Posts, and according to Berger there are now whispers that the Leafs are in talks with three rival National Hockey League teams. 

Those three teams are the Calgary Flames, the Colorado Avalanche, and the New York Rangers, although what player the Leafs would be seeking from each team is unclear at this time.

The most obvious fit here from the Leafs perspective would be to find a way to acquire Tyson Barrie from the Colorado Avalanche, although that would likely come at a high price, one that would almost certainly include forward James van Riemsdyk.

Berger also reports that the Leafs are looking to offload salary in these deals which could further increase the price.