Rumor: Marc Andre Fleury is now on the trading block.

Fleury on his way out of Vegas.

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National Hockey League player agent Allan Walsh stunned the hockey community on Saturday when he published a graphic image on social media, one that showed his client, Las Vegas Golden Knights Golden Knights goaltender Marc Andre Fleury being impaled by a gigantic looking sword. As I stated the image was graphic, it showed Fleury cleanly run through by the sword and the tip of the sword was even dripping with what presumably was Fleury's own blood. The highlight of the image though was the name written across the sword "DeBoer," a blatant reference to the man the image was targeting, Golden Knights head coach Peter DeBoer.

It was an unprecedented move by the agent and one made all the more controversial by the fact that the Golden Knights currently find themselves in the middle of a playoff run and are in fact currently the favorites to win it all this season in the eyes of the oddsmakers. Although shocking it sounds like the image will not impact the Golden Knights decisions moving forward, with reports suggesting that the team met with Fleury inside the bubble on Saturday to iron things out. That being said though it now sounds like Marc Andre Fleury's time as a member of the Golden Knights has come to an end. 

On Saturday night NHL insider Chris Johnston shared the latest on the ongoing Fleury saga in Las Vegas and indicated that he feels a trade may come in just a few short weeks. Personally I believe that Fleury had full knowledge of the image prior to it going up, I simply do not believe an agent would be so bold without consulting his client first, but Johnston was willing to give Fleury a little more leeway.

"This was sent by Allan Walsh... I do not believe Marc Andre Fleury had prior knowledge of this tweet before it was sent out... but I also do not believe that it would be up 5 hours later if he did not at least endorse some of the message," said Johnston."

Johnston would then describe that Fleury feels he has been slighted by the Golden Knights after having not been given a fair shake in the round robin and opening round of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

"I think this is representative of a little bit of tension around that goaltending situation. I do not think that Marc Andre Fleury feels he has had a fair shake while starting just 2 of the 8 games that Vegas has played."

Johnston would then go on to say that there are now serious long term questions regarding the future of Fleury as a member of the Golden Knights. Even more stunning though was the fact that Johnston believes the change could be made in a few short weeks given the NHL's tightly packed schedule.

"I do think that it is fair to say that this raises some long term questions about Marc Andre Fleury's time in Vegas... it might be something they have to do a few weeks down the round."

I can't imagine Fleury remaining on that roster while DeBoer is the coach given just how brutal the image was.