Rumor: New Senators logo has been leaked.

Sens new logo revealed?

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The Ottawa Senators may have leaked their new logo a little prematurely. 

Over the last couple of days there have been reports that the Ottawa Senators were considering a return to an older logo but for the first time we may have definitive proof of that fact. According to a report from Sports Logos news, the Ottawa Senators logo for the 2020 - 20201 National Hockey League season has been leaked prematurely due to an errant listing on the NHL's official shop.

As you can see in the picture below, Sports Logos has obtained an image of the listing which appears to show a sweater or hoodie of some kind sporting a logo that will look very familiar to long time fans of the team. The logo appears to be an exact copy of the one that was used by the Senators franchise from 1997 all the way until 2007, and it would seem that the Senators feel returning to those roots is the most appropriate move for the branding of their franchise. 

Now the logo may appear to be identical to the one the Senators used in the past, but those of you with particularly sharp eyes will notice a key difference. In the past the wings on the left hand side of the logo would feature a red trim along the edges, but that red has now been replaced by a gold trim, a gold color that would appear to match the gold featured throughout the rest of the logo. 

I very much doubt that this will prove to be a pressing matter for an Ottawa Senators fan base that has failed to fill the building in recent seasons as the team as struggled during a rebuild, but it may help the team by moving some merch. There is no doubt a segment of the fan base that very much loved the old logo and the team saw some very consistent years during the period in which they used it, never once missing the playoffs while sporting the old version of the logo. 

Do you like the change? Should they have gone in another direction? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.