Rumor: NHL and NBA fighting over location to resume their seasons.

Details inside.

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The National Hockey League has made it clear it intends to resume the 2019 - 2020 regular season and 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs at some point in the relatively near future but as you would expect there are a number of obstacles in the way of such a plan. One of the things you would have expected the NHL to be able to handle easily however would have been potential choices of venues for their remaining games, given that just about every building in North America is empty at the moment given our current health crisis. Although you might think the NHL will have their pick of where to go, it now seems as though there may be a conflict between the NHL and a rival North American sports league.

According to a report from Colorado Avalanche insider Adrian Dater there are now rumblings of a potential conflict between the NHL and the National Basketball Association over their respective desires to have Las Vegas be a main neutral site for their playoffs. The location makes a ton of sense, as not only would the location be an attractive one from a logistical perspective, Las Vegas obviously has a great many hotels and restaurants that could accommodate several teams from these leagues, but it would also be a gambler's paradise given that there has been almost no sports betting going on as of late. For example, the Ultimate Fighting Championship held one of the few sporting events in recent months this weekend and that event was the most bet on card in the history of that promotion. There is clearly an appetite for sports betting at this time and having a condensed schedule of games with all the teams in one concentrated location would certainly open up some interesting betting opportunities and marketing opportunities for both leagues.

It may be that the NHL has a leg up here given that they have moved into the Las Vegas market with their Las Vegas Golden Knights franchise, but given that the NBA is financially a much bigger league it remain to be seen if commissioner Gary Bettman and his league can get their way.