Rumor: NHL captain will be leaving his team.

Captain likely done with his current team.

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It sounds like a National Hockey League captain is done with his current team, and perhaps even done with his career if his agent is to be believed.

While it's not outside of the realm of possibility for captain Brian Gionta to return to his Buffalo Sabres next season, his agent Steve Bartlett made that sound extremely unlikely.

“I don’t think it’s highly likely but injuries, trades, things can happen,’’ said Bartlett as per a report from Leo Roth. “Nobody’s played a game yet so we’ll see. But there are other options to look at.’’ 

Interestingly Bartlett appeared to indicate that there is a possibility that Gionta will not sign a new NHL contract despite the fact that he has offers from a number of a teams. 

"It’s not for lack of opportunities, teams want to sign him, but he has to decide if it fits into his family situation,’’ Bartlett said. “I think we’ll play it out awhile, see if anything changes in Buffalo, and then decide to go elsewhere or not. But it’s not like I don’t have opportunities for him to play, I do.’’

No word from Bartlett on what teams may be interested in Gionta, but he did put up 15 goals and 20 assists for 35 total points last season and there are certainly a number of teams that could use that kind of production. 

Would you want your team to sign what sounds like will be the former Buffalo Sabres captain?