Rumor: NHL coach calls his captain the worst in the team's history.

A head coach calling his own player the worst captain in history?


Is Montreal Canadiens captain Max Pacioretty the worst captain in the history of the organization? 

According to a report from 106.9 FM radio host Michel Villeneuve that's exactly what head coach Michel Therrien thinks of his current captain, a truly damning statement when it comes from the mouth of your own head coach.

According to Villeneuve, Therrien made the shocking comments at his charity golf tournament, an event that came right off the heels of a catastrophic season for both Therrien personally as well as the entire Canadiens organization. Villeneuve claims that while Therrien believed himself to be away from prying eyes, he was overheard openly criticizing Pacioretty to those around him.

It's a bold claim from Villeneuve but when you consider how poorly the season unfolded and how poorly it reflected on that locker room as well as Therrien's infamous temperament, it's not impossible to imagine him saying that, albeit off the record.

One has to wonder if he truly feels this way, how long Pacioretty will be wearing the "C" for Montreal.