Rumor: NHL insider comments on Habs' chances of landing Duchene

Bergevin is running out of time to make a move.

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The Montreal Canadiens are only better than the Arizona Coyotes, with a dismal 1-5-1 record going into their 8th game of the season tonight against the Anaheim Ducks.

The Habs are getting their shots en masse, but goals just aren't happening - and while most fans want a shakeup in the form of a blockbuster trade, it seems unlikely that it'll happen anytime soon. 

The only big name on the market right now - that we know of - is Matt Duchene, and Sportsnet's Elliotte Friedman made it pretty clear that Marc Bergevin does not have what it takes to complete a deal with Joe Sakic.

“I just don’t think Montreal, I don’t see now that Montreal has traded Sergachev, I don’t know if they have the asset to make that work. I don’t know if a young, left-shooting defenseman – I don’t know if they got that. Other situations have that, but I don’t think Montreal does.”

There is one player that even remotely fits that description - and that's Victor Mete. As glaring as the issue up front is, the problems on the back end may be just as bad - or worse. The last thing Bergevin wants to do is lose the team's best defenseman after Shea Weber.

Are you losing hope? Or do you see a solution?