Rumor: NHL suspensions coming following 2018 World Juniors investigation.

Rumor: NHL suspensions coming following 2018 World Juniors investigation.

An NHL insider has just dropped an absolute bombshell, stating his belief that we are about to see NHL players suspended over the 2018 scandal that has rocked Hockey Canada.

Jonathan Larivee

A National Hockey League insider has just dropped a bombshell on his most recent podcast, one that pertains to the investigation into the 2018 World Juniors scandal that has rocked Hockey Canada to its very foundations.

On Monday, NHL insider Frank Seravalli revealed his belief that the results of that investigation are about to be revealed, and furthermore his belief that players currently in the NHL will be suspended as a result of that very same investigation.

"It's July 10th... one thing to keep an eye on too... I think we're nearing a conclusion and an announcement on the Hockey Canada 2018 World Junior Investigation," revealed Seravalli on the The DFO Rundown.

Servalli was then asked point blank by his co-host if he believed that teams in the NHL were "bracing for suspensions from current NHLers" and he answered in the affirmative.

"I think they are," said Seravalli.

This would seemingly line up with the timeline previously established back in June by TSN's Rick Westhead.

It must be said that Seravalli repeatedly used the words "I think" here leaving himself room for error, but as one of the NHL's foremost insiders these comments from him are truly shocking.