Rumor: NHL team in financial trouble, belief that owner can't sustain “massive losses.”

“Massive losses” could force a change before the end of the season.


A National Hockey League team may be in big trouble and it's not the Carolina Hurricanes. 

While there has been no official report on this matter, Sportsnet insider Nick Kypreos is reporting that there are now serious financial concerns regarding the Arizona Coyotes, and more specifically their owner Andrew Barroway.

"A lot of people questioning his sustainability," said Kypreos during a Sportsnet broadcast.

While it appears that Barroway is clearly invested in the team given that he bought out all of his partners over the last year to become the team's sole owner, Kypreos believes he is bleeding cash.

"Was described to me as massive losses in Arizona."

It's unclear what the next step is hear, however Kypreos went so far as to say that there is now concern that Barroway will be unable to last the remainder of this season as the sole owner of the team. This could mean a drastic change in ownership or perhaps even a drastic change for the Coyotes franchise moving forward. 

More to come as this develops.