Rumor: Nick Cousins' burner account uncovered by a fan.

Cousins on the prowl for his haters?

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I've stumbled across a really interesting fan theory online and although I think it's actually wrong it's one that I think hockey fans will definitely enjoy taking a look at.

The man who came up with the theory is Austin Egri, a former hockey player in his own right who spent four seasons playing in the American Collegiate Hockey Association. Egri, whether he was searching for it or stumbled upon it by accident, located a Twitter account that goes by the name T_Thomas91. The strange thing about this account was that it seemed to reply exclusively to people who mentioned Nick Cousins by name, people that the account clearly did not follow on social media.

Here's exhibit A:

Now that's not much evidence of anything. After all Mr. Thomas here could just be a really, really, big fan of Nick Cousins. Now Cousins is by no means a particularly popular player, but it's not impossible to imagine a world in which he would have some truly die hard fans. What makes this a little more strange however is that the account seems to only Tweet about Nick Cousins, over 175 Tweets on the topic in fact, and has continued to do so in spite of the fact that Cousins has frequently changed teams over the years. The idea of a Nick Cousins superfan following him through the Philadelphia Flyers, Montreal Canadiens, Arizona Coyotes, Las Vegas Golden Knights and now the Nashville Predators becomes a little bit more difficult to believe, but it's still not proof of anything.

The account is also quick to defend Cousins while openly criticizing his teammates.

Again this is more behavior you would expect from a superfan perhaps, but things are definitely getting weird given that this has now been going on over a span of years.

Things get really weird when you realize that Mr. Thomas admits he's from the very same hometown as Cousins himself.

Now all of this makes it looks suspiciously like Nick Cousins himself may be trash talking his haters online, but there was another clue that Austin Egri dug up that I think he may have missed the significance of. Egri reveals that Mr. Thomas at one time went by the name "Michael" on twitter, not something a normal account would do. 

While Austin may believe that this is Cousins himself, I believe that this final piece of evidence seals the deal on this mystery. Although I don't know his name, I know for a fact that Cousins has referred to his brother "Mike" in the past during his time with the Soo Greyhounds. Could Mike and Michael be one and the same? It certainly would explain some of the intimate knowledge 'Mr. Thomas' claims to have about the player.

Obviously I am classifying this one as a rumor due to the fact that is is based purely in speculation and not at all rooted in hard facts, but you can be the judge of what you think is really going on here. Egri was promptly blocked by Mr. Thomas following his analysis of the account.

Update: User T_Thomas91 has deleted his account, that is not at all suspicious.... Take it as you will.