Rumor: numbers leaked from Leafs' young stars' future deals

How do you feel about this Leafs fans?

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Leon Draisaitl signed an eight-year, 68$ million contract with the Edmonton Oilers on Wednesday and fans were more than excited to see him stick around. But his new deal might also have repercussions all the way to Toronto. 

Emerging superstars William Nylander and Mitch Marner might benefit from this deal that was offered to Draisailt, however, hockey analyst Dave Poulin of TSN believes that the young Leafs forwards will get a bit less than Draisailt.

Speaking with TSN’s Toronto 1050 radio station Poulin speculated that the new deal could pay Nylander and Marner around 6$ or 7$ million a year, with contracts that are similar to Calgary Flames' Johnny Gaudreau's and Sean Monahan's. 

Auston Matthews could have a salary close to Connor McDavid's, around 11$ million a year.

"The bar is set, but I don't believe Nylander is a direct comparaison to Draisaitl, and I say that by position and by performance so far. Are Matthews, Nylander and Marner the three young forwards that you're going to build your triangle around and you'e going to pay? It certainly looks that way," Poulin added. 

How do you feel about this Leafs fans? If Nylander and Marner are able to up their game, they could cash in on it!