Rumor: One NHL team may trade their captain before the deadline.

Team may deal away their leader.

Rumor: One NHL team may trade their captain before the deadline.

It seems crazy to think a team would consider trading the man they labelled as their leader and team captain but one insider believes it's inevitable.

An early Monday morning report from TSN's Gary Lawless has revealed that contract talks between the Winnipeg Jets and their captain Andrew Ladd have not just stalled, but have broken off entirely, and will likely result in a trade.

No longer. Talks with Ladd’s agents have broken off.

According to Lawless it appears that money may be the major issue at play, with Ladd looking for a long term deal worth upwards of $6 million per season, a price Winnipeg is reportedly not willing to pay to keep him.

Ladd is after a six-year contract with an average annual value north of $6 million. That’s not going to happen in Winnipeg.

Furthermore it seems like the Jets have abandoned their captain in favor of another star player, Dustin Byfuglien, who was previously the player most expected Winnipeg to trade.

The most likely outcome now is the Jets signing Byfuglien and then making Ladd available on the trade market. Executives around the NHL have told their pro scouts to compile reports on Ladd and to back off on the Byfuglien book.

It seems like a trade involving captain Andrew Ladd is almost inevitable at this point.