Rumor: One player may have just played his final game as a Winnipeg Jet.

Is this the end?

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The Winnipeg Jets have been eliminated from the 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs and if I am being perfectly honest here the team went out with somewhat of a whimper on Saturday night. Do not let the scoreline fool you, in spite of the fact that the final score of 3 - 2 would lead you to believe that this was a relatively close game, the Jets were never truly in this one and in fact managed to produce just a grand total of 7 shots on goal during the game's first 40 minutes of play.

It is not the kind of effort that you expect from a team starring down elimination in a Game 6 scenario against a team that they were favored to beat, and there's almost no doubt that some big changes will be coming to the organization as a direct result of the performance from the Jets in Game 6. Now to be fair to the Jets it was quite clear that youngsters Nikolaj Ehlers and Patrik Laine were both injured in this one and that no doubt played a big role in how the Jets looked, but at this time of year excuses simply are not good enough.

Although I have already stated that there will no doubt be changes made, there surprisingly is already talk floating around of one potential change that could be coming very soon indeed. Almost immediately following the game, National Hockey League reporter Ken Campbell of The Hockey News made a very bold statement in predicting that one long time member of the Jets would no longer be with the organization come next season.

"I firmly believe Jacob Trouba has played his last game as a Winnipeg Jet," said Campbell.

Trouba of course has had a very rocky history with the Winnipeg Jets including a lengthy contract dispute that cost him, and the Jets,  several games back in 2016. Trouba held out all the way until November of that year and there was plenty of talk during that holdout of a trade that would send Trouba out of Winnipeg. The two sides would eventually come to a deal though, although no one can truly know how the relationship between the two sides was impacted, but obviously Campbell believes not all is well on that front. 

Trouba is currently on a one year deal that he was awarded in arbitration and will be a restricted free agent in the offseason. After two bad negotiations in a row between the two sides I don't think Campbell's prediction is all that far fetched.