Rumor: Patrick Roy will soon be back with a new NHL team.

Patrick Roy coming to Montreal?

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It may not be very long before National Hockey League legend Patrick Roy finds himself once again a member of an NHL organization.

The rumors are already flying when it comes to Roy and it should comes as very little surprise that a number of those rumors, and perhaps the ones with the most credibility, are all focused on one organization, the Montreal Canadiens.

There's no little doubt that Roy would in fact accept a job in Montreal, in fact according to a report from Habs insider Marco Normandin, comments made recently via Energie 98.9 radio from someone with a close relationship to Roy, Ray "The Sports" Cloutier, stated that Roy would take the job if it were offered to him.

The question now becomes what role will Roy fill if an offer is eventually extended to him? Could a bad season or even a bad start to the season result in an exit for head coach Michel Therrien, or will Roy once again look for more organizational power the way he did in Colorado?

These are all hugely interesting questions, and as the rumors continue to heat up we will continue to keep you posted.