Rumor: Patrik Laine wants out of Winnipeg.

Laine not happy with the Jets.

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This is very bad news if you are a fan of the Winnipeg Jets. 

On Saturday listeners of the National Hockey League's station on Sirius/XM satellite radio were hit with a bombshell during a radio segment that featured National Hockey League insider David Pagnotta of the Fourth Period. It was during that segment that Pagnotta revealed a stunning rumor regarding the Jets and one of their top young stars, former 1st round draft pick (2nd overall) at the 2016 National Hockey League Draft Patrik Laine.

"I don't know if that is the only main guy that they might be looking to move, or might have to look to move," said Pagnotta during the radio segment. "There is a lot of discrepancy in Patrik Laine's desire to be there, ala Jacob Trouba." 

Trouba's trouble with the Winnipeg Jets have of course been well documented with several contract battles already taking place between the two sides but the information regarding Laine is news to me. What makes this all the more disturbing if you are a fan of the Winnipeg Jets is the fact that Laine appears to have a great deal of leverage in this situation as a result of his free agent status.

"From what I am being told is that Patrik Laine is going to explore all of his options this offseason and that might include the offer sheet." 

Laine is of course a restricted free agent but the Winnipeg Jets are a budget team and they are one of the few teams in the National Hockey League who would likely have to give serious consideration about matching an inflated offer for one of their star players. That of course would likely mean that the Winnipeg Jets would inherit 4 1st round draft selections from the team that would sign him to such an offer sheet, but that may not be the direction they want to be moving in given the roster that the team currently boasts. 

Pagnotta however believes that unless the Jets make an offer that Laine simply can not refuse, he will explore every option on the market. 

"But if he does not get his deal, which is probably around the $10 million mark per season, I am told that Patrik Laine will explore his options and if that ultimately means looking elsewhere from a contract perspective he is going to do that."