Rumor: Penguins turned down a huge trade offer from the Canucks.

Penguins may have shot themselves in the foot.

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Earlier today the Pittsburgh Penguins and Vancouver Canucks announced that they had agreed to terms on a relatively minor trade deal, but it could have been much bigger. 

While the result from today was former first round pick Derrick Pouliot being sent to the Vancouver Canucks in exchange for just a fourth round pick and American Hockey League defenseman Andrey Pedan, the Penguins could have gotten much more once open a time. 

According to a report from Sportsnet's Ian MacIntyre, the Canucks previously rejected a much larger trade offer from the Canucks for the very same player, defenseman Derrick Pouliot. 

MacIntyre reports that back in 2014 the Canucks offered Pittsburgh forward Ryan Kesler in a deal for Pouliot, although the Penguins reportedly rejected that trade at the time, presumably having faith that Pouliot would blossom into a big NHL threat. 

The hockey world would look much different today if Ryan Kesler were on the Penguins roster.