Rumor : Pens' Cup winning core defenseman moving to Detroit?

The twice Cup winning defenseman could be on the move.

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So much has been going on since the Cup was won by the Penguins that it feels it's been months already. From the expansion draft to the entry draft, the NHL is now moving to the UFA market frenzy that is set to open in less than 48 hours now. 

As usual, rumors abound left and right and you have to be careful who to trust. One of the most renowned insider in the sport is obviously Elliotte Friedman, who's been active for some years now. In one of his always interesting rumor assemblage piece, he says a deal might be already in place that would bring Trevor Daley to Detroit for an obviously yet to be disclosed amount. 

The move would be actually surprising since the defensive squad in Detroit is pretty loaded already. Rumors had Mike Greene moving this summer, but he's still in the Detroit's roster, alongside DeKeyser, Kronwall, Ericsson and Jensen. Of course, you never have too many defenseman, but the defensive squad already owns close to 21M$ of the salary cap. All 6 defenseman have valid contracts for the upcoming season and only Mike Green is set to become UFA for the 2018-2019 season. 

Why then bring Daley in the mix? Ericsson was injured in February but will be back for next season. Is a big trade coming in Detroit soon? 

In the end, Pittsburgh will suffer a loss with Daley gone, him who played a large part in the last two Cup conquests.