Rumor: Pierre McGuire causing problems in Ottawa.

Problems in the Senators front office.

Jonathan Larrivee
Jonathan Larrivee
Published 2 years ago
Rumor: Pierre McGuire causing problems in Ottawa.

The Ottawa Senators made a surprise move this summer when they hired veteran National Hockey League analyst Pierre McGuire, adding him to their front office personnel. There is little doubt about McGuire's wealth of hockey knowledge, but for one reason or another NHL teams had opted not to bring him on for those roles during his time with NBC. Although McGuire had often been connected to vacant general manager positions around the league, and at times was even interviewed for those positions, he would remain at NBC until a change in the NHL's broadcast rights earlier this year.

At the time it seemed like a quality addition for the Ottawa Senators, and that may still be the case now, but there have been some rumblings that the decision to add McGuire to that front office has backfired. The move to bring in McGuire was made by owner Eugene Melnyk rather than by Senators general manager Pierre Dorion, and this week former NHL general manager Doug MacLean revealed that his sources have informed him that the 2 Pierre's aren't exactly getting along.

"Seriously what the hell is going on in Ottawa," asked MacLean on Sportsnet 590. "Ottawa ends on a real high last year... and the owner brings McGuire in there, are you kidding me?"

MacLean made it obvious that he was not a fan of the move to begin with, but things really took a turn for the worst when he criticized McGuire's behavior in the media. MacLean was quick to point out that McGuire was talking to every media outlet imaginable just a short while ago, and then called him out in hilarious fashion for disappearing as his team struggles.

"And all of a sudden now where is McGuire?" asked MacLean. "I read every day he was doing articles two months ago and all of a sudden he has disappeared. He's Waldo in the hockey world right now. He has disappeared off the face of the earth when they haven't been winning games. I can't believe it's a great working environment with McGuire, Dorion and Eugene right now."

MacLean went on to reiterate the fact that he has never liked this move.

"I didn't get it when it happened and I certainly don't get it now."

MacLean also hinted at the fact that he might have some inside information on this matter, although he did not go so far as to cite any sources. As a former NHL general manager himself however, there's no doubt that MacLean is well connected.

"From the rumblings I'm hearing in the last few weeks, it's not pretty right now between Dorion and McGuire," said MacLean with something akin to disappointment in his voice.

When asked if he was certain about what he had heard, specifically as it pertains to the conflict between Dorion and McGuire, MacLean made it perfectly clear that he is very confident about this particular topic.

"No doubt in my mind," added the former NHL GM.

It would appear as though Senators owner Eugene Melnyk has once again made a mess of things in Ottawa.