Rumor: Pierre McGuire has been interviewed for potential GM position.

McGuire to take over as GM?

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One of the National Hockey League's most polarizing personalities is reportedly a candidate for a big time job in an NHL front office. 

Veteran National Hockey League analyst Pierre McGuire has been around the sport of hockey all of his life and one only needs to listen to McGuire opine on the subject of hockey for a few minutes before realizing that he is consumed by the game in a way that not many are, even when it comes to the most hardcore of hockey fans. It should come as no surprise given McGuire's extensive history as a collegiate hockey player, assistant and head coach in the NHL, and executive in the NHL that he has often been considered as a potential candidate for prominent positions in the league. Most notably Mcguire was interview for the Pittsburgh Penguins general manager position that eventually went to current Penguins general manager Jim Rutherford, a process that went so far that McGuire had reportedly discussed contract terms with the Penguins prior to organization going with Rutherford. 

McGuire has long been rumored as a potential National Hockey League general manager in the making and now those rumors are starting to make the rounds once again with McGuire now being linked to a place he's very familiar with. In a recent article for the Toronto Sun controversial journalist Steve Simmonds linked McGuire to the New Jersey Devils, an interesting rumor given that McGuire was born in New Jersey. 

From Simmonds:

Pierre McGuire denies it but word is he recently interviewed for the GM job that may or may not be open in New Jersey. “They have a GM,” said McGuire …

It is true that the New Jersey Devils do currently have a general manager in place, however that man is Tom Fitzgerald who was only named interim general manager after former Devils general manager Ray Shero was fired by the organization. Interestingly enough when McGuire lost the Penguins job to Rutherford, both men were interviewing at the time to replace Ray Shero who back then had just been let go by the Penguins organization. It would make sense for McGuire to deny any links to the Devils out of respect for Fitzgerald given that the season could resume with him at the helm of the team, but it certainly would be a fun ride to see McGuire take the reins of an NHL team as general manager.