Rumor: Pressure from Wild owner may lead to a trade.

Big changes coming from Minnesota?

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The Minnesota Wild were not satisfied with the way their season ended, and considering how strong they looked at points in the regular season it's easy to see why.

That dissatisfaction may be far reaching however, and now the teams owner, Craig Leopold has hinted that there may be some big changes coming to his organization. 

"I'm not satisfied where we are," Leipold said as per the Star-Tribune. "In my feeling with the playoffs, we took a step back, and we never expected that. We didn't think that was going to happen, so it's causing us to think, 'What do we need to do?'

"But I'm still. . . I like our team, I like the way it's built. Sure, there's some issues that we need to address, and we will. But I'm not disappointed with our team. I'm disappointed with how we ended the season."

One now has to wonder if general manager Chuck Fletcher will be feeling any pressure to make a move here as a result of these comments. While there is no hard evidence to suggest this,  he recently stated that he is in fact listening to all offers as he tries to asses what he will be doing moving forward.

"We are actively listening... on everything,"said Fletcher as per Sportsnet insider Elliotte Friedman.

Of course what everyone wants to know now is who will Fletcher consider moving and what does he expect to add to his roster in exchnage for any such moves. While there have been rumblings in recent days around Nino Neiderreiter, nothing solid has emerged on that front just as of yet.