Rumor: Price generates trade interest from at least two teams

If this goes down, the Canadian Division would be insane!

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According to a report from NHL insider Jimmy Murphy several teams have contacted the Montreal Canadiens about a trade for underperforming superstar goaltender Carey Price.

Murphy, whose "Off the Record" article appears behind a paywall, reports that the Edmonton Oilers and Colorado Avalanche are believed to be two of the teams who have had discussions with Habs GM Marc Bergevin about Price. Murphy though reports that the Habs are intent on seeing if Price can regain his form this season and potentially increase his trade value for the offseason.

I have to say... first off, I'm a Carey Price fan. Sure, he hasn't had much success this season but the guy just oozes talent. I have to believe that at 33 years old he still has some good years in front of him. Having said that, if the Habs can get anything in return for offloading him and his $10.5 million annual salary they should do it NOW, not wait until the offseason to see what happens. Sure, Price could drive up his value with strong play. He could also completely crater any value he has by continuing to struggle. Which seems more likely at this point?

If I'm Bergevin and another team gives me anything close to equal value for Price in a trade and it allows me to get out from under his contract, I'm making that trade and I'm never looking back. It would be a tough pill to swallow for a lot of Habs fans and it would sure be strange to see Price in another team's uniform but this is a business after all.